TOYOTA RAV4 (50) Little Monster Maintenance DVD Upholstery Removal Interior Exterior 4 Piece Tool Military Set [C247]

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This convenient set includes instructions for how to remove audio panel when installing a TV canceller or navigation system that allows you to watch TV even while driving, removing clips and screws for changing LEDs, removing screws, removing bumpers, removing exterior and upholstery, etc.


The included handy remover is not the same as the ones used in DVDs. Note: There may be differences in shape depending on the earliest, late period or grade. However, we think that the basic structure is probably a significant change, so we would like to use it for your reference. There may be cases where screws, clips and couplers may be partially accumulated with or without optional.


RAV4 50 Series Includes: Exterior Related 01. Jack Up & Down Method 02. Engine Oil Change Method 03. Front Bumper Removal Method 04. Rear Bumper Removal Method 05. Headlight Unit Removal Method 06. Tail Light Unit (Lamps) Removal Method 07. Rear Light Unit Removal Method 08. Rear Garnish Removal Method 09. How to Remove Front Turn Signal Lamp: Back Lamp 10. Removal Method 11. How to remove the front wheel arch trim 12. Side mirror removal method: 13. Horn removal method: 14. Wiper (rubber blade) removal method: 15. Air clear filter removal method: 16. Fuse removal method: 17. Battery negative terminal insulation method: 18. Battery removal method: 19. How to remove battery battery.


Interior Related 20. How to remove the audio panel 21. How to remove the under steering panel 22. Center Console Box Removal Method 23. Meter Bezel Removal Method 24. Front Door Interior Removal Method 25. How to remove trunk door upholstery 26. How to remove room lamp: 27. How to remove the pillar cover 28. How to remove the glove box 30. How to remove the air conditioner 31. Method 32. Front How to remove the side panel on the foot: 33. How to remove the key remote control battery: 34. How to research the constant power supply, 35. How to research the accessory power supply, 36. How to research the illumination power supply, 37. How to check the door open wire, 38. How to use the wiring connector: 39. How to install the dash cam?


How to remove the screws: 01. How to remove the coupler: 03. How to remove the screws: 04. How to clean the bumper: 05. How to turn the box wrench: 06. How to remove the remaining clips: 07. How to use the ratchet wrench: 08. How to use the deep socket: 09. How to use the extension bar: 10. How to use the universal joint: How to use the Torx bit set? Sliding T-shaped How to use the handle: 13. How to use a 6-piece screwdriver set?

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