TOYOTA (Aqua/Isis/Vitz/Auris/Camry/Corolla/Corolla Fielder/Spade/Porte) DazzFellows Premium LED Turn Signal [‎D5-DTYPRI50F]

  • Brand:DazzFellows
  • Product Code: ‎D5-DTYNHP10F
  • Availability: Pre-Order 10-15 days

  • $980.00

Compatible models:

Toyota Aqua Model: NHP10/10H Year: 2011.11-2019.6

Toyota Isis Model: ANM/ZNM1# Year: 2004.9-2017.12

Toyota Vitz Model: NSP/NCP/NHP/KSP13# Year: 2010.12~

Toyota Auris Model: NRE/NZE/ZRE/ZWE18# Year: 2012.6-2018.3

Toyota Camry Model: AVV50 Year: 2011.9-2017.6

Toyota Corolla Axio Model: NKE/NRE/NZE16# Year: 2012.5~

Toyota Corolla Fielder Model: NKE/NRE/NZE/ZRE16# Year: 2012.5~

Toyota Spade Model: NCP/NSP14# Year: 2012.6~

Toyota Premier Model: NZT/ZRT26# Year: 2007.6~

Toyota Porte Model: NCP/NSP14# Year: 2012.6~

Flowing turn signal function (no normal flashing function)

Installation is completed with the door mirror. Simple coupler-on installation design.

No need for caulking and can be installed as is.

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