VULCANS ‎(ヴァルカンズ) TOYOTA HIACE Dashboard Mat [CPS4654]

  • $680.00

Compatible models: High Ace/Regias Ace 200 Series Standard Body for 200 Series - For cars with airbag installed. Not compatible with wide bodies. ※There may be cases where the product may not fit depending on the year, grade, and option. Please check the shape before purchasing.


Set Includes: 2 x Dash mats 1 x Velcro strap Specifications: Suede fabric


Suede fabric This is a suede-like dash mat that feels luxurious and has a good texture. The fine and realistic brushed texture will transform your interior into a premium space like a luxury vehicle, creating a luxurious feel. Reduces reflections on the windshield and light reflections for a more enjoyable car life. For use with airbag equipped vehicles only. This is a split dash mat that does not interfere with the use of airbags.


Dash Mat also protects your dash from UV rays and protects against dust, dirt and scratches. Reduce heat on your dashboard exposed to direct sunlight and reduce interior temperature You can experience the effectiveness especially after parking for a long time in sunny weather in spring and summer. Suitable for all seasons: In summer days, it cools the interior temperature and protects your dash from the terrible UV rays that prevent overheating. In winter days, it minimizes temperature difference, protects dashboard from cold and reduces dangerous windshield glare.


Designed specifically for full vehicles with careful measurements that have been carefully measured to ensure the fitting is checked over and over again without destroying the image. Experience the best fitting without compromising the look of your vehicle. High-density silicone anti-slip design provides adsorption and slip-resistance. It also comes with an extra Velcro strap, so it can be easily installed by simply placing it on the dashboard and adjusting the position.

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