Kenwood Satellite Speaker System

  • Brand:KENWOOD
  • Product Code: KSC-SS10
  • Availability: Pre-Order 10-15 days

  • $2,380.00

2-Way 2-Speaker System

Network Cable: 0.3 m x 2 / Dedicated mounting hardware included

Shield type

66mm BINCHO-TAN PlusPP Hybridge Corn Woofer, 20mm PEI Balance Dome Tweeter

Maximum instantaneous input: 100 W / Rated input: 20 W

Frequency Response: 120Hz - 70kHz / Efficiency: 83dB

Impedance: 4Ω


The luggage space of the compact wagon can be widely used. Satellite speakers that create a powerful sound field from the rear.

Adopts a sandwich mounting method to the pillar part, which eliminates the need for special metal fittings for each model.

Compared to conventional satellite speakers and roof mount speakers, it can be installed in a wide range of vehicle models.

By using the attached network as well as using it as a rear speaker, it is possible to make an add-on connection that uses it as a tune-up speaker while leaving the genuine speaker.

Supports recording media with ultra-high frequency information such as DVD audio with ultra-high frequency playback with a maximum input of 100W and 70kHz. Reproduces a natural and expressive sound with sharpness from low to high frequencies.

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